Qatar Development Bank.
Introducing a cutting-edge image to attract today’s bright and innovative entrepreneurs

Growth. Brand Launch and Customer Experience


Based in Qatar’s capital Doha, the Qatar Development Bank (QDB) is one the country’s leading commercial banks.

The Bank is 100% owned by the Government and has a crucial role within the nation’s economic growth. Its role is to develop and empower Qatari entrepreneurs and innovators to contribute to the diversification of the economy. It does this by offering financial services, technical skills and export support to small and medium enterprises in line with the 2030 National Vision.


The Challenge

In view of the accelerating pace of change in the region’s financial services industry Taylormade were asked to refresh and relaunch the Bank’s corporate identity, maintain its relevance to the new breed of local businessman and extend it to new products and services.

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Our solution

  • Reinvigorate the QDB colour palette
  • Refresh the brand’s visual language to reflect the brand promise and values
  • Rationalise the graphic scheme and brand architecture, simplifying the logo usage across all applications
  • Generate identities for new products
  • Develop new brand guidelines for all brand professionals
  • Create a new corporate brochure detailing the bank’s vision and mission and new range of services.
  • Develop and execute a new corporate brand campaign aimed at smart young innovative entrepreneurs.
  • Launch a regional/global programme of events and exhibitions to create face-to-face meetings with targeted businessmen


QDB is now a visually significant and consistent brand across all communications

Entrepreneurs and innovators find it easy to access QDB services and to understand QDB’s role in the diversification of Qatar’s economy

QDP presents a professional and attractive brand image that does justice to the Bank and to the Government of Qatar