Make your brand stand out, stay relevant and grow well into the future

GROWTH | Brand Launch and Customer Experience

Business growth is best achieved when an organization is customer-focused and able to predict and exploit nuanced market trends and evolving customer needs. In order to realize sustainable business impact, companies need to deliver on their brand promise by creating and communicating compelling marketing programs and customer experiences that capture market opportunities, extend brand loyalty and deliver growth.

Utilizing our experience and insight-based B’Hive™ approach, Taylormade’s front-line marketers are better able to bring to life new  and existing brands, products and services by converting brand strategies and growth plans into a powerful mix of experiential, digital and traditional marketing and launch campaigns.

Taylormade has the competencies to build integrated plans that will make your brand  stand out, stay relevant and grow well into the future. We do this by guiding our clients to identify which customers matter most and the marketing, media and experience mix that will have the greatest impact.

We blend  customer insights, strategy and creativity  with an inventive, pragmatic and confident implementation approach  that  is sustainable, feasible and measurable.

Throughout the process, we commit to working with our clients as one team, making sure  that  the organization, people and practices are all aligned to build the brand that customers will love and competitors will  admire.

Our Approach

Our B’Hive approach to brand launch and customer experience follows three core interactive stages


The services we provide in Brand Launch and Customer Experience

Growth Strategy

We explore nuanced market trends and evolving customer needs to uncover new and unexpected growth opportunities  develop  winning strategies and  match them with our clients’ brand vision, aspiration, culture  and core competencies.

  • Marketing and customer insights, segmentation
  • Value proposition development
  • Assess trends and size up new business opportunities
  • Go-to-market strategy and planning
  • Growth strategy roadmap
  • Startups, business concepts, plans and playbooks

Brand Experience & Activation

We design and execute live marketing experiences, communications and activation programs that connect consumers to their brands through inspiring  launch events, roadshows, in-store promotions, exhibits and visitors centers.

  • Brand experience strategy
  • Emergent trends and technologies  – assessment and integration
  • Creative concept, storyline , and design development
  • Production and execution management
  • Event marketing and PR
  • Sponsorship strategy and management
  • Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions
  • Corporate social responsibility  (CSR) programs

Customer Experience

We help to deepen the emotional and rational connections between customers and their brands by focusing on what  customers value most and by  developing market-ready experiences that exceed expectations and build lasting brand loyalty.

  • Customer experience  strategy
  • Journey mapping  and touchpoint identification
  • Digital technology optioneering
  • User experience (UX) design
  • Environment design
  • Organizational capabilities planning
  • New products, services and experiences
  • Brand loyalty strategy  and reward programs
  • Guided implementation

Digital Marketing & Social Media

We develop well-targeted digital marketing strategies and distinctive social media campaigns to expand our clients’ digital footprint and web presence. We generate and convert business leads, nurture customer interaction, and increase brand awareness  and credibility.

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media campaigns
  • influencer & blogger marketing
  • Targeted display advertising
  • Paid media  campaigns
  • Content marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation and conversion optimization

Employee Engagement & Socialization

We create internal communication and engagement programs that enable employees to understand the power of their brand and energize them to play their part in its enduring success.

  • Brand enactment and employee engagement campaigns
  • Brand identity deployment and rollout programs   
  • Employee value proposition (EVP ) development and activation
  • Induction and onboarding program development
  • Employee experience design
  • Corporate events, sales meetings and award ceremonies
  • Culture Change Management

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