From customer acquisition to advocacy, Taylormade is driving measurable results.

Insight Innovation Growth

About Taylormade

Taylormade is a marketing management consultancy established in 1994 with a focus on helping the region’s leading companies bring new brands, products and services to market.

We fuse insights to spark product and service innovation, build relevant brands and leverage the best technologies to transform business and accelerate profitable growth

We create and communicate compelling marketing programs and customer experiences that capture market opportunities and extend brand loyalty. We do this by guiding our clients to identify which customers matter most and the marketing and experience mix that will have the greatest impact.

Who are we?

We are a unique group of front-line marketers, thinkers, creators and practitioners. Our team are diverse in culture, knowledge and experience yet we share many common traits; we are driven by courage and curiosity and empowered by pragmatism and confidence. We are collaborative, love to learn, share our ideas freely and listen to others with genuine respect and interest.

Our Talent Network operates on a unique economic model enabling us to bring the best skills at the right time to meet our clients’ marketing and business challenges.

What do we do?

The diversity and the experience of our team allow us to see opportunities differently, break down silos and help translate insight into tangible and inspiring ideas.

“We fuse insights, to spark innovation and accelerate profitable growth

Our capabilities are best delivered in seamless integration :

Insight/ Marketing Research and Data Analytics
Innovation/ Brand Development and Design
Growth/ Brand Launch and Customer Experience

Why are we different?

What make us different is our ability to blend deep consumer insights, strategy and creativity with an inventive, pragmatic and confident implementation approach that is sustainable, feasible and measurable.

“We build stronger brands to standout, stay relevant and grow well in to the future”