We orchestrate marketing campaigns that build brand loyalty and accelerate growth

Our Capabilities

The diversity and the experience of our team allow us to see opportunities differently, break down silos and help translate insight into tangible and inspiring products, services and brands.

How we work

Through a combination of front line marketing experience and proprietary research tools we develop growth-oriented insights that lead to winning strategies. Our experience allows us to see inspiration others miss and use it to drive  imaginative product and branding executions. The breadth of our team enables us to develop launch programmes and activations plans that build strong brands cost efficiently.


Marketing Research
and Analytics


Brand Development
and Design


Brand Launch and
Customer Experience

Our Methodology

The Taylormade B’Hive

Many businesses and brands are facing enormous challenges to survive and to achieve acceptable growth in this competitive environment. Some businesses and brands are properly resourced to deal with these challenges while others are not.  The challenges may be organizational, operational or strategic.  They may be simple and obvious but more often they are multiple and complex, requiring a customer-focused research-lead approach to  fully understand them and find the best and most cost effective solutions to solve them.

Guided by marketing insights, strategy and creative intuition Taylormade’s front-line marketers, thinkers and business practitioners have developed the new B’Hive 

The B’Hive™ is a uniquely comprehensive business assessment, improvement and compliance tool designed to help evaluate all key business functions, develop improvement strategies and guide implementation in a way that is sustainable, feasible and measurable.

It begins with an evaluation of all key aspects of a company’s business individually and collectively. It provides a holistic perspective of each element to ensure that all business activities contribute positively not only to the bottom line but also to the corporate brand image.


Our Approach

A 360⁰ Plan

  • Taylormade follow a 5-phase project plan  to ensure efficient progress and achieve measurable results.
  • Our approach is uniquely comprehensive and holistic and will be benchmarked against international best practices.
  • Our methodical and innovative process allows the infusion of expert knowledge and nurtures progressive creative thinking .
  • We develop and apply new research techniques and modelling tools to deliver the kind of insights that can guide improvements throughout your business. It is a 360 plan.

Our Experience

The industries we serve

Over 25 years Taylormade has gained extensive experience in working with companies across a wide variety of industries and business activities and developed skills, approaches and techniques that cross industry boundaries.

Real Estate &Special Economic Zones

  • Development, Engineering and Construction
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Entertainment and Theme Parks
  • Special Economic Zones and Clusters
  • Industrial Cities and Parks
  • Ports and Terminals

Business Groups

  • Multinational Groups
  • Government Organisations
  • Conglomerates, local and regional business groups
  • Sports, Recreation, Education and Community Centers
  • Non-profit organisations

Medical& Healthcare

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical and Bio Medical Brands
  • Health Service Providers and Institutions
  • Medical Tourism
  • Hospitals, Healthcare and Wellness Centers
  • Government and Healthcare Authorities

Consumer goods& Food Service

  • Mixed Retail, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
  • Food Services and HORECA
  • Packaged Goods and FMCG Brands


  • International Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Watches and Jewelry
  • Brand Distribution and Retail
  • Sports and Fashion
  • Department Store

Banking and Finance

  • Banks – Corporate Investment
  • Banks – Consumer Finance
  • Development Banks
  • Credit Cards
  • Financial Centers

Chemicals, Energy and Automotive

  • Energy Oil and Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Rubber
  • Automotive – cars, parts, tyres ecommerce/market place
  • District Cooling

Telecom, Technology and Media

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computer Hardware and Peripherals
  • Technology Research and Consulting
  • Media Networks
  • Televisions