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Jubail Industrial City (JIC) is one of the World’s leading petrochemical production hubs and accounts for 7% of the KSA’s GDP. Local authority The Royal Commission for Jubail (RC) wishes to shift industrial outputs up the value scale requiring it to attract bright and innovative thinkers to determine the added values most prized by customers and to develop means to deliver them.

To achieve this goal RC masterplanned a new city center that:

  • Includes places to exchange ideas and entertain business and social guests,
  • Provides outlets stocking the latest fashions and technologies
  • Enables sophisticated and healthy waterside living.

The challenge

RC asked Taylormade to develop the following:

  • Brand identities for the new city center and for 11 real estate packages exemplifying the city centre lifestyle.
  • Investor presentations that would bring in developer interest and funding.
  • A promotional program that would attract the energetic, bright and upwardly-mobile to live and work in the vibrant new community and attract investment from industrialists, retailers, F&B providers, R&D facilities, commercial organizations, visitors and gain support as well as Government and Government Agencies.

We were also asked to ensure the Masterplan was feasible and delivered on the brand promise as well as recommend the delivery mechanism, pricing approach and go-to-market strategy.     Taylormade brought in Deloitte Real Estate and worked closely with Engineers Atkins, and Project Managers Bechtel to deliver the project.

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After extensive research with industrialists, commercial organisations and potential residents we developed a powerful positioning based on the promise that :

“The new city center will be the Hub of Excitement for Jubail Industrial City where the best and brightest come to innovate and live life to the fullest

We also developed the following:

  • A stylish, exciting graphic identity utilizing Arabic calligraphy that represents the shape of Mardumah Bay and evokes the excitement of a seaside location
  • Eleven further brand identities for the initial launch packages in which name, identity and usage are communicated by calligraphy and arabesque.
  • A high level marketing strategy to launch the project.
  • Brochures, brand guidelines and a high level investor presentation.
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Working together with Deloitte we developed:

Site, market and financial assessments and recommendations for optimizing elements of the Masterplan to deliver the brand promise.

  • Pricing and delivery recommendations
  • Targeted investor presentations

The Royal Commission is fully equipped to go to market. It has a validated masterplan, an outstanding fully tested brand positioning, a unique and exciting family of brand identities and communications packages to attract partners and investors and a fully developed marketing plan for launch.

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