Khams Shamat.
How we found inspiration in antiquity, for architecture and design as well as brand development

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Majid Al Futtaim, (MAF) the group behind City Centre Malls and Mall of the Emirates, planned a 1m sq m mixed use development near Damascus. They commissioned Taylormade to develop marketing strategy and create the brand identity.

Our studies indicated that the product appealed most to local and expat Syrians who were proud and patriotic and looked back warmly to the days of Greater Syria.

Taylormade developed a positioning around the legend of “Bilad al Sham” the golden days when five fabled cities, (Antioch, Aleppo, Damascus, Jerusalem, Tiberias – the “Khams Shamat”)  were the jewels in Greater Syria’s crown. 

Taylormade created a full brand identity based on the Khams Shamat concept with brand guidelines for the client and its suppliers                                                                                                    

Encouraged by Taylormade’s research with potential customers and extensive desk research MAF developed five “quarters” to the development each based on the history and style of one of the five “shamat”.

Damascus Shama includes the largest shopping centre in the region.

Lake Tiberias Shama contains the project’s entertainment section

Antioch Shama is home to world-renowned hotels and restaurants

Aleppo Shama is Khams Shamat’s commercial center

Jerusalem Shama contains the peaceful residential community