Dar Al Arkan.
Understanding real estate investors in the fast developing Saudi market

Insight. Market Research and Analytics


Dar Al Arkan is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest residential real estate developers. It has completed 12 residential projects and handed over 15,000 homes. It has 5 more residential projects, 2 masterplanned communities and 2 retail projects under development. Dar Al Arkan’s projects in KSA and the UAE cover 27 million square metres and are valued at SAR 26Bn.  Taylormade has assisted Dar Al Arkan  with the following projects:

  • Exploring the marketplace for a premium residential community in the up and coming North Riyadh district and to explore the potential for a range of possible features, including home automation, through a simulated test market approach.
  • Developing an approach to measure prospect and customer satisfaction with Dar Al Arkan’s projects and with its sales and marketing efforts.
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